Thank you to everyone who gave me comments in my last post where I asked Do you want to help me curate the next show?.

If you remember I had ten pieces and had to choose five to hang. You can see all ten together here.

It was an interesting exercise. Of the ten, two seemed much less favoured than the others. Pieces No 6 and & got four and six votes respectively. Ironically these were two of my personal favourites! I like the quietness of them but I decided to go with majority view and exclude these two. Also I have another set of work I intend to hang which is very quiet indeed so for a balanced show it did seem better to go with more lively pieces in this set. You all seem, generally to prefer the ones with more rather than less graffiti marks on them. The rest of them scored between 7 and 12 votes and so I had a (not very short ) shortlist of eight.  Then I did the spreading the original work out on the floor exercise  until I had my own pick from those eight.

Next, I compared my choice with that of my exhibiting partner Leah Higgins. As it turned out, four of the five pieces we chose were the same and her fifth choice was my sixth choice. This did not surprise me – I am privileged  to have  an exhibiting partner whose work, tastes and practices are different to mine and yet so closely compliment mine.  The difference in our selections was because I chose to have three  warm and two cool pieces in the set and she chose three cold and two warm. That simply reflects our general pallets as seen throughout all our work.

Interestingly my Dad picked four out of my five too.

So, this is the final set for the Stockport Show.