Would you like to help me curate the next show I have with Leah Higgins?

I have been painting on paper and now have ten works to choose from but only frames and room on the  hanging plan for five. Which five would you pick to hang? If, indeed any! You can assume that the colours and style all go nicely with the various other works in the room. If you’d like to help me pick, please just leave the numbers of your choices in the comments below or on social media. If you want to leave comment or critique that’s great too.  I have my own favourites but I am more interested in your views!

The show is at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. Preview 26th May 2018  2- 4pm, show runs to  30th July.  Opening Times Tues-Friday 105 pm, sat 10-5, Sunday 11-5. Closed Mondays except bank Holidays 11 am- 5pm



City Walls 1

City Walls 2

City Walls 3


City Walls 4

City Walls 5


City Walls 6


City Walls 7

City Walls 8


City Walls 9


City Walls 10