While quilt with poppies and Somme map

For the Fallen

The battle of the Somme had always been a sobering but impersonal piece of history to me until a few months ago. I rang my Dad for a piece of information to aid me in an art work and he went rambling on about the bit of family history I wasn’t asking about. I caught the ball and went Googling. Turns out my Grandma’s Uncle,  Lance Corporal Joseph Pike  was killed there in the battle for Montaudon. He was 24 and had just been married before he was sent to the Western Front as part of the St.Helens Pioneers (11th Service Battalion South Lancs Regiment).

This piece is for him.

It will be part of the Traces exhibition to be held, in conjunction with my exhibiting parter Leah Higgins, at the World of Glass, St.Helens from 17th March 2018.