Who doesn’t love a box of crayons? And if you could help save a life with them then how cool would that be?

Chris Carberry is a 21 year old member of my golf club. He has had cancer twice and has already lost his leg to it. Now it has come back again. It looks like lifesaving treatment in the US or India is the next option.

And so, I want your crayons. Well no. Actually I would never take actual crayons from my fellow artists because that would make you plum miserable. Not, however as miserable as knowing that if you don’t raise money for treatment abroad you might not live.  So here’s the plain speaking thinking:

You don’t know Chris. But I know him and he’s a good guy. And you know me. That’s way less than seven steps of separation between you and him. And its not like I ask you for a lot. Now, it’s Christmas and every one has pressures on their purse and there are collection boxes and good causes everywhere and frankly it gets bit much. So I am not going to ask for any of your dedicated seasonal charity money. But I am going to be cheeky enough to ask if you would buy me a pack of Crayola for Christmas because I am guessing that if you added that to the amount you spent on art and fabric related stuff for the year you wouldn’t hardly notice. But it every artist who reads this gives me a pack of Crayola and shares the post so that others can read it, it would make, well a crayon mountain, and who wouldn’t like a crayon mountain?

Of course I don’t want you to spend extra on postage so don’t actually send me the box of coloured wax sticks. Just give me the money for Chris instead.  Seeing a flood of small donations to his page will make me as happy as a box of crayons any day.

You can donate here or by clicking the picture below.

If you can’t that’s fine. But can you please at least share this post and maybe follow Chris on social media on Twitter and Facebook and read his blog to encourage him.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and that you get actual art stuff under your tree.